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TEII Work Center


// Ideal for the tightest of spaces, the TEII provides maximum counter space, increased standing room and safety.

Applications: Chemistry / Biology / S.T.E.M.

The TEII workstation is designed to allow for unobstructed traffic lanes in every direction, which assures each student a safe work area. The unique shape of this workstation prevents students from having to work back-to-back and provides increased front counter space and more elbow room. Students are able to collaborate more easily with anyone sitting across from or next to them because other workers and activities are within his or her angle of vision. The TEII workstation is also height adjustable upon installation and available in several different finishes and styles depending upon its intended use.


  • Fire-retardant Understructure
  • 10-Gauge Steel Support Pedestal
  • Marine Edge Top to Control Spills
  • Drawer, Cupboard, or Combination Under Storage
  • Vandal-resistant Unicast Fixtures // CW/G
  • Raised Turrets for Tall Beakers or Supplies
  • Electrical Options Available


Metal Base
  • Traffic Red
  • Wineberry
  • Atlantis
  • Midori Green
  • Black


// Sample Layouts