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Utility Sink Station


// Multi-user cleanup station with stainless steel basin and cabinet under storage.

Longo’s Utility Sink Station is great for science applications, such as Biology and Earth Science, which typically require access to water at the perimeter of the room. And because of its massive tub size and multiuser capacity, this workstation is also ideal for Art Labs, where clean-up time is an essential part of the daily routine.

With up to three panel-mounted gooseneck fixtures for hot and cold water, and convenient drying rack above the services, our utility sink is Longo’s all-in-one “utility player”. Our multipurpose, Utility Sink Station provides the amount of workspace, storage and accessories needed to accommodate multiple students at one time. Students can perform daily tasks such as wet-working, washing brushes, soaking tools, cleaning up and drying off, all at one workstation.

The entire steel tub sink is specially formed to neatly promote drainage to its center outlet. And two base cabinets provide ample room for storage of clean tools and materials. Removable closure panel between cabinets allows access to all plumbing services.


  • Multi-user Workstation
  • Stainless Steel Sink Basin with Center Drain System
  • Large Base Cabinets for Storage
  • Optional Service Wall Assembly has Full Length Shelf with Utility Hooks
  • 3 Panel-mounted Gooseneck Fixtures for Hot + Cold Water


Wood Base
  • Maple
  • Northern Oak