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Supply Modules


Versatile supply systems for today’s modern laboratory workspace.

Longo offers adaptable supply systems, by Waldner. The flexible design allows for singular or the collective supply of services to be organized and distributed throughout your lab as needed. Waldner’s service supply systems are a space maximizing solution for any laboratory environment where a multifunctional workspace is required. Waldner’s supply systems are offered in ceiling, wall or bench mounted styles, delivering gas, water, electric, data and air services to workstations and equipment throughout the laboratory. The adaptable nature of Waldner’s service columns, spines, ducts and wings, allows for an easy transition between tasks. Dozens of different configurations, in addition to add-on components and accessories are available, to create a supply system tailored to your individual workspace needs.

Standard Features

  • Singular or Collective Supply of Variable Services
  • Interchangeable Panels + Components
  • Ceiling, Wall and/or Bench-mounted Style
  • Connect to Mobile or Floor-mounted Workstations + Exhaust Equipment
  • Smooth Transition from One Task to Another
  • Versatility for Each User
  • Suitable for All Laboratory Environments
  • Designed to Enhance Productivity
  • Maximize Floorspace + Vertical Space
  • Accommodate Changing Needs of Researchers, Equipment, and Procedures

Service Ceiling Grid

// Ceiling mounted track system for distribution of services to service columns and wing components.

Suitable for all laboratory types, Waldner’s Service Ceiling provides an unparalleled level of adaptability for a workspace. The service ceiling is a ceiling-mounted supply system, designed to organize and distribute services to connection points throughout the lab. Service columns and other movable service modules are installed at these connection points along the service ceiling and deliver variable services to the workstations below. Waldner’s service ceiling integrates all laboratory services, from water, gas, electrical and data, to air conditioning, air supply and exhaust. The service ceiling functions as a partitioning system, with segments that can be installed or removed to adapt to changes in workspace function, size or layout.


Suspended Service Boom

// Ceiling anchored design for services to mobile or floor-mounted laboratory workstations.

Waldner’s Suspended Service Boom is designed to provide services to mobile or floor-mounted laboratory workstations. Equipped with removable panels and an internal rail, the suspended service boom is suitable for all laboratory environments, including those not requiring services.

The suspended service boom can be installed on the service ceiling or the laboratory ceiling. When installed on the laboratory ceiling, the suspended service boom is height adjustable.


Service Column

// Ceiling or wall mounted design, with single or double-sided interface, for services to mobile or floor-mounted laboratory workstations.

The compact profile of Waldner’s Service Column allows for wall-to-wall, unobstructed visibility in the lab. Service columns are equipped with removable panels, an internal rail, and available with a single or double-sided interface. Designed to deliver services to lab benches, mobile or floor-mounted laboratory equipment, service columns can be installed directly on the laboratory ceiling, wall, or mounted on the service ceiling.


Service Duct

// Wall mounted design or add-on module for other supply terminals, for services to mobile or floor-mounted laboratory workstations.

As an alternative to a center service spine, Waldner’s Service Duct can be used alone or used as an add-on module for other supply systems. Service Ducts offer flexibility in terms of installation and placement. Equipped with panel technology and internal rails, service ducts can be installed directly on the laboratory wall or connected to a wall-sided service spine. Service ducts may be used in laboratory environments with floor-mounted or mobile tables, benches, and equipment. Furniture must be stationed under or in front of the service wall duct for safe, proper and efficient use of this system.


Service Spine

// Bench or table mounted design for single-source supply of services, with shelving option and integrated rail module.

Waldner’s Service Spine is designed to supply services to wall or double-sided work benches, with either a fixed style or mobile base. Service spines are bench-mounted and modular in nature, featuring screwless service panels with clip-on attachments and accessories. The integrated rail system is able to accommodate a variety of functional components including reagent racks, instrument shelves and storage cabinets.


Service Wing

// Ceiling suspended design for single-source supply of services, with air duct option for local exhaust equipment.

The highly flexible design of Waldner’s Service Wing allows more freedom when working in the laboratory compared to most of the other service supply modules. With moveable service panels, valves and connections, Waldner’s ceiling-suspended service wing is able to adapt for the requirements of any application. This space maximizing system houses all services for electrical, gas, and water supply. And just a single service wing is sufficient to serve the technical needs of an entire laboratory. Other dynamic features of the service wing include energy efficient lighting and an optional air duct for use with a local exhaust system!


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