Mini Gym Transformation to Science Lab | Longo

Longo Labs, working in conjunction with Solutions Architecture , completed a $287,000 metamorphosis of an auxiliary gym which was not being used to its full potential, into a new Science Lab. This project took place at the Eric Smith Middle School located in Ramsey, NJ.

The new science lab features furnishings from Longo Labs that were purchased utilizing the ESCNJ (Educational Services Commission of New Jersey) contract. The ESCNJ is designed specifically to boost the purchasing power for schools to obtain the lowest prices without jeopardizing quality, all while saving time.

The products used in this transformation were:

Sheldon Wood Laboratory Casework, Epoxy Resin Counter Tops, TEII Student Lab Workstations, Fume Hoods, Lab Safety Center

The ergonomic design of the TEII Student Lab Workstations enable students to view the entire room from their seat.

Below are photos from the project:

Fume hood

Fume Hood

TEII Student Laboratory Workstation

TEII Student Laboratory Workstation, Sheldon Wood Laboratory Casework, Epoxy Resin Counter Tops

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