The Importance of Mobility in a Lab Workspace

In our fast-paced world, technology is constantly being advanced while the world keeps changing. Laboratories are no exception, and have been continually enhanced over time as technology in the lab industry is advancing. With this advanced technology has come the importance of mobility in the workplace or learning space in order to use these advanced workstations as efficiently as possible. Longo Labs is here to bring dream labs to life, helping your visions of a more mobile and flexible workspace or learning space become a reality.

Why Have Labs Become More Mobile?

As we see a shift from stationary lab equipment evolving into something much more mobile and flexible, it begs the question of why that is. Three of the key reasons are that there is a shortage of lab space, technology is advancing to help labs adapt to change, and there are continually higher standards geared towards the success of STEM students in a laboratory learning environment.

Shortage of Lab Space

There is a major shortage in the United States in terms of lab space, making it difficult for scientists and pharmaceutical companies to acquire new laboratories. With less lab space available, making the best use of the space you have is becoming more paramount.

Preparing for a Changing Industry

More than almost any other industry, technology and science in particular is rapidly changing. With these rapid changes come different needs, and different needs may require different types of workspaces. If your lab space has a flexible design, it can prepare you for the unpredictable, saving you the time, expense, and trouble of needing renovations or other major lab changes.

High Standards for Exceptional Students

Particularly when it comes to science students, there is a high demand for high standards. Science courses require a more hands-on experience than most other studies, and therefore need up-to-date lab equipment so they can stay on par with the industry standards. With flexible equipment in the classroom, more students can be accommodated along with their varying needs.

Longo Labs has Mobile-Friendly Lab Products

As a laboratory product provider, Longo Labs has everything you need to enhance your lab space with more mobile and flexible lab equipment. From lab tables and benches to safety cabinets and fume hoods, and whether you are in need of commercial or education products, we have you covered with what your lab needs.

Flexible Workstations for Students and Instructors

Longo Labs offers adaptable workstation solutions designed to facilitate any youth learning facility. Flexibility is the name of the game, and our workstations are equipped with features such as height adjustability, lockable casters, and interchangeable service modules.

Mobile Lab Tables for STEM Labs

Longo Labs also offers solid wood and steel frame lab tables, offering the perfect fit for any STEM lab space. The features include height adjustability, optional casters for mobility, and variable service modules. Make the most out of your lab space with mobile tables that have the versatility to work in your student-centered learning environment.

Contact Us for Help Making Your Lab Mobile-Friendly

Contact Longo Associates Inc. for a free laboratory evaluation or for any of your laboratory needs. Your students deserve the best labs, and your labs deserve the best mobile and flexible equipment available.