The Best Ways to Renovate an Educational Science Room

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How to Renovate and Design a Science Classroom

Welcome to the first installment of our Laboratory Renovation Projects series. Today, we are focusing on educational science rooms and the best ways to renovate them. As a school or educational facility, you want the best for your students. Having great teachers and curriculums are part of the equation for student success, but so are resources and facilities. Particularly with science classes since they tend to be so hands-on, having high quality lab equipment is so important to allow your students to get the most out of their education with a great place to work on projects, experiments, and other assignments. Longo Labs specializes in science lab renovations, and when we tackle a project we help you make the most of your space with two things: industry best practices and high quality products. We’ve worked with many school districts and administrators to provide a cost-effective and quality renovation to their science labs and more. Take a look at some of our most recent science lab renovations below:

What are the Best Practices for Science Lab Renovations?

Having high quality products is great, but it is even better when you have a plan for those products in place ahead of time. That is why planning and design plays an important role in every successful science laboratory renovation project. As we like to put it, designing a laboratory is an exact science. Regardless of the size or shape of your lab classroom, we must fully optimize the space so that all of the products that we put into the lab fit. Not only does everything need to fit, it also needs to be safe for all students and fully functional, with a code-compliant design that suits the needs of those using the classroom.

Are Lab Renovations Affordable?

Let’s face it, schools don’t always have the biggest budgets. Of course renovating an entire science lab will take significant resources to complete, however using best practices can allow it to be more affordable for your budget. At Longo Labs, we utilize the practice of value engineering to help design your lab to function and suit all of your needs at the lowest cost possible. This helps you to maximize every dollar that you spend, and in turn helps you to maximize the education that your students receive in the lab.

Contract Pricing and Purchasing Cooperatives

Our services and products are available through a national purchasing cooperative, which can help your school to save as much as 20% on your renovation project on purchases made with us. We also offer contract pricing, which not only saves your organization money, but you can also avoid third-party fees by working directly with us. With contracts such as MEHC, ESCNJ, SW BOCES, PA COSTARS, and TIPS Nationwide, our contracts cover a wide array of qualifications so contact us today to see how they can save you time and money!

Quality Products Make a Big Difference

Value engineering aims for a better price without sacrificing quality. Educational labs see tens or even hundreds of different students each week, making them inevitably susceptible to wear and tear. Sturdy, functional products are a must for science classrooms. Part of our planning process includes our assistance in selecting appropriate equipment and materials for your needs with helpful recommendations on our products.

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Recommended Lab Products for Science Classrooms

Here are some of the most effective products that we frequently use for science lab projects:

  • Work Surfaces. Resin countertops are great for all high school science rooms as they’re highly durable and easy to clean. We offer two different types of resin surfaces.
  • Wood Casework. Wood is the most popular material for science rooms right now, while maple is the most popular stain for the wood materials.
  • Lab Tables. Several different lab tables are available to choose from, offering flexibility and adaptability, with both fixed and mobile styles with adaptable features.
  • Island + Pier Table. Two-student tables are the best option for science rooms. There are several products to choose from, with the Island +Pier Table being a popular choice.

Let’s Plan Your Classroom Renovation

Science classroom renovation projects should be handled by experts to ensure that the planning, design, and products used are all high quality to allow your students to make the most out of their lab classes. Get in touch with Longo Labs and schedule a consultation with our team of lab renovation experts so that we can learn more about you and discuss your project. Be sure to check back soon for the next installment of our Laboratory Renovation Projects series!