How to Renovate a Culinary Classroom

Innovative and Affordable Ways to Renovate and Design a Classroom

If you take a look at any industrial kitchen space, one thing you’ll notice is that clean and durable surfaces are used throughout every inch of that space and one of those materials is laminate casework, a highly durable material that many culinary spaces utilize.

Laminate casework has a lot to offer in a space like a culinary classroom. For instance, it can be customized to fit any space in terms of dimension, as well as customization for the appearance of this space. You can choose from 250 colors to make sure that the casework has continuity with the educational entity’s aesthetic.

What Products are Best for a Culinary Space?

In terms of culinary space, it’s important to consider the different types of tools and machinery that are used, and having laminate casework that is customizable makes the space being used even more functional. Combine that with the durability it has to offer, you won’t have to worry about replacing these materials any time soon.

Another great feature that our high-pressure laminate casework has to offer is chem-resistant coating. When working in a kitchen, it’s important to ensure that every single space is consistently sanitized, and with the chemical makeup and constant use thereof, you can begin to see a breakdown of the top layer of the surface. With the casework from Longo, you no longer have to worry about this. Additionally, our casework is easy-to-clean and impact-resistant, making them perfect for culinary classroom space.

Another aspect of the culinary space to consider is the “ease-of-access,” students will need to have with their tools. When it comes to anything culinary, timing is everything, and falling behind even one second can lead to a ruined meal. With our laminate casework, you’ll have the option the customizable sizes allow for easy storage of both large and small tools. We have several shelving and storage options so you’ll have just what your space needs to set your students up for success.

In addition to the proper storage and casework, it’s important to have quality mobile tables. With a mobile table, you equip your space with tools that can constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment to fit your needs, and with a culinary space, this happens constantly.

Before picking out the products that you want or making any purchases, it is a best practice to come up with a plan. You should evaluate your needs for the classroom, and evaluate the size of the space. This is why planning and design plays such an important role in every successful classroom or laboratory renovation project. Regardless of the size or shape of your lab classroom, your goal should be to fully optimize the space. Not only does everything need to fit, it also needs to be safe for your students and fully functional. This is why we pride ourselves as experts at evaluating the unique needs of our clients and interpreting those needs into functional, efficient, and long-term classroom solutions.


How Does This Translate into Culinary Success?

Having a well-designed, well-organized educational space is a successful one and when it comes to culinary education, this means having a clean and safe environment. With lack of organization comes accidents and with cuts and burns already being a prominent hazard of this industry, it’s important to do all that you can to cut down on any potential harm.

Working with Longo means that you’re going to get the well-design, well-organized space that is required for success. Our experts will help with every step of the process, starting with a consultation and assisting with every need from beginning planning to the final preparations.

A Renovation is Much More Affordable than You May Think.

Our team has worked with many school districts across the country and we are aware that schools don’t always have the most generous budgets. While any renovation is going to be costly, using best practices can allow a classroom renovation project to be more affordable for your budget. At Longo Labs, we utilize the value engineering method when designing your classroom so that it can be fully functional and suit all of your needs at the lowest cost possible. This allows for you to maximize every dollar that you spend.

Contract Pricing and Purchasing Cooperatives

Our services and products are available through a national purchasing cooperative, which can help your school to save as much as 20% on your renovation project on purchases made with us. We also offer contract pricing, which not only saves your organization money, but you can also avoid third-party fees by working directly with us. With contracts such as MHEC, ESCNJ, SW BOCES, PA COSTARS, and TIPS Nationwide, our contracts cover a wide array of qualifications so contact us today to see how they can save you time and money!

The Best Time to Start Planning is Now!

Don’t hesitate to get started with the premier assistant in lab space design and schedule your consultation today. Create a functional and educational space with the unparalleled support of Longo Labs. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your school’s dream space.