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Plastic Laminate


// Lightweight cabinets with versatility in configuration and color, ideal for medical labs, research facilities and higher end environments.

Longo offers durable plastic laminate casework that is dynamic and cost-efficient. Our plastic laminate cabinets are lightweight, easy to clean, and available in over 250 colors! Commonly used in medical labs, research centers and higher education facilities, plastic laminate is ideal for use in environments where a generous and flexible amount of storage is needed.

Our HPL or high-pressure laminate cabinet system is available in an abundance of colors, textures and surfaces. Manufactured with a high-pressure laminate finish and impact resistant edging, Longo’s plastic lab cabinets are a durable solution for a variety of applications. A chem-resistant, resin coating is also available for additional protection from damage and abrasions in high use environments.

Longo provides and extensive selection of door and drawer configurations, for base, wall and tall cabinet storage. Available in both modular and fixed styles, our plastic laminate cabinet systems can be tailored to fit your specific use and also to match the appearance of your existing environment. With so much versatility in color and configuration, laminate is a great casework material to use in elementary, middle, and high school art rooms, culinary art rooms, and for general storage areas within the school.

At Longo, our lab specialists will guide you through the process of deciding which cabinet style(s) and finish(es) are the most appropriate fit for your needs.


Plastic Laminate Colors
  • Wallaby
  • Port
  • Orange Grove
  • Island
  • Ocean
  • Lapis Blue
  • Atlantis
  • North Sea
  • Slate Grey
  • Black
  • Carter Oak
  • Zebra Wood
  • Light Oak Ply
  • Natural Rift
  • Portico Teak
  • Huntington Maple
  • Natural Pear
  • Nepal Teak
  • Rio
  • Wild Cherry