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// Heavy-duty steel cabinet construction, delivering chemical and scratch resistance, with the strength to support heavy loads.

Metal casework can be safely used with many different chemicals and applications, making it a solid option for frequent-use laboratories. Whether you’re seeking to outfit a research center, school lab, medical facility or science center, metal casework is a worthwhile investment for most laboratory types. It is easy to clean, fire-resistant and low maintenance.

Made with heavy-duty steel, metal lab cabinets are capable of supporting heavy loads. For even more durability, Longo offers an epoxy-like coating for guaranteed protection from rust and corrosion in high moisture areas. Our extensive door and drawer configurations provide a variety of layout options to maximize storage space and enhance the efficiency of the overall workspace.

Cabinet modules can be installed in a variety of configurations to serve the needs of the application for which they will be used. Available in both modular and fixed styles, our metal cabinet systems can be tailored to fit your specific use and also to match the appearance of your existing environment. At Longo, our lab specialists will guide you through the process of deciding which cabinet style(s) and finish(es) are the most appropriate fit for your needs.


Standard Options
  • Off White
  • Champagne
  • Light Almond
  • Fawn Beige
  • Medium Blue
  • Black
  • Banker’s Grey
  • Hunter Green
  • Burgundy
  • Petal White
  • Wedgewood Blue
  • Stone Gray
  • Pewter
  • Model Gray