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Highly adaptable furniture systems for highly functional laboratories.

Longo’s flexible furniture systems are designed to accommodate the daily changing needs of researchers, laboratory equipment and procedures. Perfect for clean rooms, research facilities and teaching labs, our flexible systems enhance productivity, and maximize the use of vertical space and available floorspace, within the laboratory. With flexible features like modular drawer storage, mobile cabinets and integrated service modules, our bench systems provide the versatility to quickly transition from one task to another, without disrupting the workflow of the entire lab.

Adaptable Bench Systems

// Adjustable height, mobile benches with integrated storage and services in one workstation.

Longo provides bench systems that are user-friendly, durable, and able to adapt with the unique and changing requirements in any laboratory environment. Our highly adaptable flex benches are offered in many configurations and suitable for a wide variety of laboratory functions. Benches are equipped with heavy-duty casters and designed to accommodate our full range of overhead and suspended storage components. With features such as height adjustability and mobility, it’s easy to transition from one laboratory task to another, without disrupting the flow of the entire workspace. The integrated supply carrier conveniently delivers plumbing, electric and data service options, directly to the intended point(s) of use at the benchtop.


Adjustable Storage Components

// Height adjustable shelving and modular cabinet options for complete workstation flexibility.

Longo’s benches are designed with integrated storage components to allow users the ability to reorganize and restructure their workstation as tasks change. From movable cabinets and drawers, to height adjustable shelves, our integrated bench systems can adapt to accommodate the specific storage needs of each user. Our upright configurations for wall cabinets and shelving modules help to create more usable benchtop space, for instrumentation and lab processes. And our height adjustable support shelves provide versatile storage for and organization of supplies and equipment above the work area. Suspended drawers and cabinets may also be added, moved or removed, to accommodate your under-bench storage needs. We also provide free standing storage options, equipped with lockable casters, our mobile storage cabinets are easy to maneuver and reposition in tight spaces.


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