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The Bromfield School is a public school located in Harvard, MA, approximately 30 miles west of Boston. The school was established in 1878 and today is home to approximately 710 students in grades 6-12. In 2015, The Bromfield School was ranked 20th in the nation and 2nd in Massachusetts in STEM fields. Having this distinction, the need for updates was crucial.

Longo Labs worked directly with the school district to design the new lab space and choose the lab furniture. The project consisted of one chemistry classroom and one physics classroom.

After careful consideration of the planning and design, Longo Labs created a safe, modern and effective teaching space which included the following furnishings:

Products:  Sheldon Wood Laboratory Casework, Epoxy Resin Counter Tops, Axis Student Lab Tables, 2-Student Lab Tables, Air Foil Fume Hood

All of the products were purchased through the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). With over 500 suppliers, the MHEC provides an extensive marketplace for goods and services. Membership in this consortium allows the availability of durable, modern goods at reasonable prices.

What started out with these sketch designs…

Bromfield Chemistry Classrom

Chemistry Classroom

Bromfield School Physics Classroom

Physics Classroom

Turned out to be these finished chemistry and physics classrooms – the pictures speak for themselves!


Bromfield Chemistry Lab

Completed Chemistry Classroom

Chemistry classroom

Completed Chemistry Classroom


Chemistry Lab

Completed Chemistry Classroom

Physics classrom

Completed Physics Classroom

Physics classroom

Completed Physics Classroom

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