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Work Surfaces


// Table tops, hood bases, draintops and balance tables to meet the requirements of any application.

Work Surface Types

From the lightest of workloads to the harshest of applications, Longo offers work surfaces for tabletops, hood bases, balance tables and draintops to accommodate the requirements in today’s educational, commercial and industrial laboratories. Our work surfaces are available in many shapes and sizes, varying in color, edge finish and surface style. All of our counter systems, sinks and fixtures are tested to SEFA standards for performance, durability, and structural integrity, to ensure the future safety and longevity of your laboratory.

Epoxy Resin
The most cost-effective laboratory worksurface available is our epoxy resin tabletop. It is made from molded monolithic epoxy resin and formulated to achieve the highest levels of performance, safety and resistance. The unique molding process of our epoxy resin worktop includes a special curing phase which ensures quality and uniformity throughout the worksurface.

Phenolic Resin
Our phenolic resin countertops offer the durability needed to withstand working conditions in high-use, multipurpose lab environments. They are lightweight, nonporous, and highly resistant to chemicals, oil and moisture. With unique properties, such as chemical and bacterial resistance, phenolic resin countertops can be utilized in analytical, microbial or chemical labs. Phenolic resin is an excellent choice for laboratory environments with continuous heat exposure up to 350°F.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel countertops are a worthwhile investment for medical labs, clean rooms and other clinical settings where sterility is crucial. They are nonporous, nonabsorbent, easy to clean and able to withstand aggressive sanitizing agents used in germ-free environments. Stainless steel is also corrosion resistant, heat resistant and 100% recyclable, which makes it a long-lasting and sustainable choice for moderate to heavy duty applications.

High-pressure Plastic Laminate
Our plastic laminate countertops are great for light duty applications such as college and university labs, nursing stations and dental offices. High-pressure plastic laminate offers moderate chemical, heat and scratch resistance. It is also budget-friendly, stylish and easy to maintain/ keep clean.

Work Surface Styles

Available with a variety of edge treatments and backsplash options, Longo’s worksurfaces styles are designed for functionality, safety and comfort.

Marine Edge // for Lab Tables + Counters
Our marine edge countertop features a dished work surface area to contain liquid spills, which protects the casework and flooring from being damaged.

Beveled or Radiused Edge // for Lab Tables, Counters + Fume Hood Bases
Our time-tested, epoxy-resin table and benchtop is seamlessly molded, with a standard beveled edge, or a radiused edge with eased corners for comfort. We also offer fume hood bases with an integrally molded containment rim, designed to ease clean-up, contain chemical spills and protect the hood from damage.

Draintop // for Perimeter Sinks + Island Benches
Our molded drain board worksurfaces have a gentle sloping design for improved drainage, and recessed drain grooves to facilitate the drying of glassware.


Work Surface in a Commercial Lab