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Sinks, Fixtures + Accessories


// Sinks, fixtures, pegboards and accessories, with configurations for any application.


Longo’s easy-installation drop-in sink and drop-in trough are top-mounted into a recessed cutout which eliminates the need for undermount support. Drop-in sinks are available in either a single or double-sink configuration.

Known for their long-term durability, our epoxy resin undermount sink and undermount trough have been the standard industry choice for over 40 years. Installation requires an under-sink support system, and several designs are available for double-sink configurations.

End or Wall-mount
Our end and wall-mount utility sink is designed for installation at the end of a wall run and/or island bench. The epoxy resin basin allows for the disposal of liquids and cleaning of larger items.

Longo offers a space-saving cupsink for the convenient disposal of liquids without wasting valuable counterspace with the bulk of a regular size sink.


Longo provides high performance faucets and fixtures to accommodate all laboratory applications. Our full line of quality deck-mounted and wall-mounted faucets are made from solid brass with a polished chrome finish, pure tin interior lining and baked epoxy upper assemblies. Our remote operated fixtures come as standard with four prong handles, baked color-coded epoxy upper assemblies, and control rods cut to length. Longo offers a broad range of service fixtures for data, electric, plumbing and gas supply, to meet the versatile requirements found in today’s modern laboratory workspaces.


Longo offers pegboard systems for the effective draining and drying of glassware. Our epoxy resin pegboard comes standard with PVC tubing, 30°-horizontally-angled polypropylene pegs for hanging test tubes and beakers, and an optional, stainless steel drip tray.


Sink + Fixtures in a Commercial Lab