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Glove Boxes

Longo offers the Protector Glove Box series by Labconco, for top of the line protection, for both the operator and the laboratory environment. The Protector line of glove boxes consists of vented filtered glove boxes, controlled atmosphere glove boxes and combination vented/controlled atmosphere glove boxes. Each Glove Box is leak tested at all joints, seals and seams to ensure the highest level of safety for the user and better control of the glove box atmosphere.

Our glove boxes are designed to provide a leak-tight chamber where working “hands-on” with hazardous materials can be safely performed. Long, impermeable gloves are secured to the walls of the enclosure as a physical barrier for the operator and to facilitate the safe handling of dangerous substances inside the box. These sealed enclosures also work to isolate sensitive material inside the box from environmental contamination and prevent dangerous powders and airborne particulates and from entering the laboratory air.

Standard Features

  • Powder-coated Steel Exterior
  • Large Laminated, Safety Glass Viewing Window
  • Available with Fiberglass or Stainless-steel Liner
  • Gloves Made from Neoprene
  • Fiberglass-lined Models / Performance Tested to Maintain Oxygen Levels as Low as 0.4 ppm / Moisture Levels as Low as 2 ppm
  • Stainless Steel-lined Models / Performance Tested to Maintain Oxygen Levels as Low as 0.2 ppm / Moisture Levels as Low as 1 ppm

Eye Safety Cabinet

Longo’s Eye Safety Cabinet stores and disinfects 40 goggles or 48 pairs of safety glasses at one time! This UV Germicidal storage unit has 8 shelves, for storing 6 pairs of glasses or 5 goggles per shelf, and an average germ-killing rate of 99.2%. The built-in monitor provides excellent protection in 5 minutes and turns itself off automatically if the double doors are opened. Constructed of 24-gauge white enameled steel and interlocking doors with tamper resistant latches, our Eye Safety Cabinet is a durable cabinet solution for high use educational science environments.


  • 24-1/2″W X 9-1/4″D X 32″H
  • Cleans 40 Goggles / 48 Pairs of Safety Glasses
  • Timer Controlled, 5-minute Clean Cycle with 99.2% Efficacy
  • Constructed of 24-Gauge White Enameled Steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Wall or shelf Mountable with 7′ Grounded Electrical Cord
  • Pilot Light Confirms UV Lamp is in use
  • Lockable Doors / 2 Keys Provided