Longo Labs Fume Hood Aids Medical Manufacturing Facility

Choosing the correct fume hood for chemical use to reduce the exposure to dangerous vapors and fumes and to prevent chemical spillage or unexpected reactions is critical. Longo Labs was recently selected to design and install a fume hood for a medical equipment manufacturer. This manufacturer does acid etching of medical parts. Acid etching is a method whereby a strong acid is used to cut into another substance, such as metal, glass or cement. An example of medical parts which use this system are surgical cutting tools. Acid etching can give surgical knifes a very sharp blade.

Pictured below is a 36”W Air Foil Fume Hood with built-in blower:

Air Foil Fume Hood with built-in blower

Longo Labs air foil fume hoods provide protection to the user with its simplified entrance design.

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