How to Select Educational Laboratory Furniture for your Science Classroom

When it comes to choosing laboratory furniture for your educational fume hood laboratory, it’s important to remember that the furniture you choose, and the way you arrange it, will have a significant impact on the way your students learn.

This article explores four things to think about when choosing laboratory furniture for the educational setting.

  1. Arrangement:

Furniture should be arranged so that students can view the teacher; for example, demonstration fume hoods and classroom furniture should be arranged so that students can easily view the fume hood from seated areas. Furniture should be placed so that each student has plenty of room to work but should also be situated to make collaborative work possible.

  1. Function:

Furniture should be appropriate for the type of work being done and should be arranged to complement the type and size of the student. In laboratories that serve more than one purpose, adjustable tables and chairs are a good choice. In laboratories that require students to sit and stand, think about purchasing furniture with adjustable height.

  1. Comfort:

Studies prove that uncomfortable students have a difficult time concentrating and learning. Make sure that tables and chairs are correctly sized for students. In addition, choose ergonomic furniture that reduces the incidence of repetitive motion and muscle strain injuries.

  1. Safety:

Consider the type of work to be done in the lab, then choose furniture appropriate to the type of work. Be sure to consider the material of the furniture, and make sure it with hold up. Finally, in order to ensure safety, make sure there is enough room between each work station.

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